Thursday, April 23, 2009

What happened to common courtesy?!?!?!?

Ok, when did it become uncommon to be nice to people?

In traffic, someone stops to let you out or slows down and lets you get over or waves you on so you can turn across traffic; WAVE. It's not that hard. Take you hand put it up in the air and wiggle it or hell don't wiggle it just lift it to the roof of your car. That let's the other driver know that you appreciate the fact that they thought of someone else and they were COSIDERATE. Why is that so complicated?!?!? It doesn't take any time or really any effort. I bet if some jerk cuts you off you're gonna flip them off to let them know they're a jerk, so why not let someone know they're a nice guy by waving?

And what the hell happened to holding the door or the elevator? If I see someone coming as I'm exiting and they have their hands full or they have a couple of kids trying to corral them through the door, I'll stand there and hold it open. Why not hold the door open, I remember having a 3 year old and an infant, any help is always appreciated. Besides, most of the time you'll get a grateful smile and even a thank you.

If you're at the grocery and you have a cart overflowing and the person behind you has a gallon of milk a loaf of bread and a hyper child, why not let them cut in front of you? What? You'll have to wait a couple extra minutes? Who cares! You may be helping a frazzeled parent who works two jobs just to make ends meet.

Why not smile at a stranger, say hi, take a frigging intrest. What's it gonna hurt? You might just brighten someone's day. You never know that person could be having a hard time a friendly smile goes a hell of a long way.

Society wouldn't be going to hell in a hand basket if common Courtesy was just a little more common.


One Reader said...

Thanks for letting me in.
Sorry I forgot, I was busy getting a BJ from my mistress. ;-)
But I really appreciate it, cause I don't think I could have stopped - you know cause I was "busy"