Friday, May 8, 2009

Cafeteria(caffeine). It makes me all over the place.

OK. Really, I'm always all over the place. Some people (My "Emma" - you know who you are) can keep up with me and have a conversation of three subjects at once and even understand me when things like cafeteria comes out instead of caffeine. Actually I think she said cafeteria and I just agreed... whatever.

Oh, yeah. I started writing because I was looking at other people's blogs and why is it that when I see one I like (you know with a pretty picture or something) it's is a different language!?!?!? I mean I'm interested and all, but I don't want to have to translate it to read it. That is WAAAAAAY too much work for me.

And another thing (totally different subject), does anyone else have a thing with smelling hair?
OK, the boys in my family are all very, very weird. My husband will hug me and I'll catch him smelling my hair. My son does the same thing. And when my nephew was littler (maybe two or three) he refused to come to me.... OK, I'll tell the story.

I did not know it was the shampoo until later. Just so you know...

I ran out of my regular shampoo and I bought this shampoo that was Peach scented (I thought it smelled nice, I guess I was wrong). A couple days later I went to my sister's house. My nephew usually would fly up to me a fling himself in my arms to give me a hug. This day was no different, except that when he gave me a hug this time he stiffened up and pulled away. His eyes were as big as saucers and he asked me who I was. I thought it was a game and so I told him Bob or Josephine or something along those lines. Well he wanted to know where his Aunt Tessie was and he started to cry and ran away from me. He hid in his room and would not talk to me the entire time I was there.

This went on for several weeks. I was getting irritated.

Anyways, I ran out of the peach shampoo and got my regular shampoo back- Pantene, cause it leaves my hair soft and bouncy :-). So, I stopped at my sister's house and my nephew was in the backyard. I snuck up behind him and snatched him up off the ground. At first he struggled, but then he leaned in real close. He threw his arms around my neck and yelled in my ear (I think I'm still half deaf BTW) "Aunt Tessie, YOU'RE BACK!" He then squirmed out of my arms and led me into the house to "show" my sister that I was back. He was very excited.

After I listened to him tell me all the stuff that happened while I was "gone", I finally got to ask him how he knew it wasn't me (he thinks I was an alien transformed- great imagination that kid). He tells me Aliens smell different.

Goes to show you, Aliens would have to REALLY know about your life in order to fool a toddler who loves you.

No, really, does anyone else have people who smell their hair?


One Reader said...

Dang I thought I was "Pepper"