Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, I was waiting to update until I knew really what was going on, but that could be never. So anyway....

She kicked the X out last week. Although she's still scared and confused, she's struggling to take control of her life. She said she kicked X out for her, not for C (which I thought was a better reason and told her so).

She says she loves C and that they are going to "see what happens". (Again another good idea in my book, no need to rush.)

So now it's waiting and being here if needed. Being here to remind her that she needs to live he life for herself, not for anyone else.

Well, that's all I got right now... I'll keep ya posted.


One Reader said...

Yay! No more X (at least not living there anyways). We still can't run him over though, huh?

oddchance78 said...

we're adults now. We might get into trouble for that now