Sunday, May 10, 2009

So far the day has been pretty good. My neice stayed the night with me last night. My son and her watched me win "The Tale of Desperaux" on the PS2 (that ended about 1:30 this morning). You know every once in a while it's nice to sit down and play video games and act like a little kid.

So I got all three kids up for church this morning. My husband actually went with us. That's two weeks in a row, maybe I'm wearing him down! Of course we were late (I think if I was actually on time for something then everyone would die of a heat attack right then and there). After church we went to Kohl's and I got new work shoes (Sketcher's- oh yeah I'm a hip mom now!)

I came home, started laundry, did a couple things for my brothers and started picking up the house. Been a pretty nice day.

My kids gave me some really neat presents.

My 7 year old daughter made me a "make mom happy game", it's got things like "messy room - lose a turn" and "took out the garbage without being asked - Take another turn". She worked really hard on it and is very proud.

My 10 year old son gave me a "recepie for a great mom" card. He made the whole thing himself, he even drew a picture of a dragon on the back.
They both did such wonderful jobs.

And after a minor disagreement with my husband, he called me to apologize and tell me he wouldn't love me so much if I wasn't the person I am. He says he wouldn't have done what I did, but that's what makes me me. (I may or may not blog about that later. Let's just put it this way. I helped a friend out that maybe not everyone would)

Over all it has been a really nice mother's day. Sad to think that in just a few years I wont be getting thoughtful handmade presents. I'll be getting last minute store bought stuff. Anyone figure out how to keep them from growing up yet?

So to all you Mom's out there
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One Reader said...

Awesome Mother's Day gifts! As long as you keep telling them "Hand made is the Best!" They'll remember.