Wednesday, May 4, 2011

part-timers syndrome

I seem to have this issue where I can't remember stuff.... well, part of the time. Like words for instance or in the most recent case; passwords.

I have had the same passwords forever and I go to sign into a website & they are all "sorry, um... wrong" and I was all WTH, I'm sure I typed it right. And besides what happened to saving that so I didn't have to type it in every time?
So I try again and again typing the EXACT same thing (because obviously the website is screwing with me) and third try it worked! So now I know the computer is just out for revenge or something. I think because I call it stupid all the time. Evidently my laptop is very touchy. Of course if it would just work properly I wouldn't threaten to beat it or throw it out the window or call it names. I'm just saying.

Oh, right, part-timers syndrome.

Anyone else have this problem of walking from one room to another, but when you get there you forgot why you got up in the first place, so you go, sit back down, get comfortable and then are all oh, crap, dinner needs o come out of the oven? Or you are having a conversation and someone asks a question that you KNOW you know the answer to, but can't come up with the word/name/event. Hours will go by and then you'll just blurt it out; probably to some complete stranger. That person is then all "WTH are you talking about" but when you try to explain it, you can't even remember what the original conversation was about, so they walk away thinking you are just freaking nuts. I'm pretty sure this is how it all begins. Before you know it I'll be showing up at work with only one shoe or no pants or something.

I'm fairly certain I had a point that I was going to make, but with the taunting from my laptop thing I totally forgot what it was. Part-timers strikes again.... I'll probably wake up out of a dead sleep at 3 in the morning and go "oh yeah, that's the point I was going to make".

Well, at least it keeps things new and interesting.... I think.......