Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Negativity is a cancer that spreads like Flu.

I am so fed up with all of these people I know who cannot seem to see anything good in their lives.

It is like people WANT to be miserable. Well, I have about had it! I want to smack the shit out of people and scream "LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE!!!! Do you not SEE how wonderful your life is?!? There are people out there without homes, without jobs, whose families have died (natural or tragically) and they are not as miserable as you are! Can you really NOT see all that you have been given!!"

Why is it sooooooooooooo difficult to see the good? It's right there, but nooooooooo, they have to focus on the bad. Oh sure, I rant, but that is more for fun than because I'm actually that angry all the time (granted it loses a lot in text, but that is because I desperately need a sarcasm font)

It is all how you look at things. Be miserable (and keep it to yourself) or look at the bright side, I mean EVERYTHING has a reason. Sometimes I know it doesn't seem that way and I do get REALLY depressed at times and I can understand that. (I mean , I am a Gemini, I do things to extremes)

But this just seems to be people who just want to wallow in misery, not because there is something actually wrong, but because they (I don't know, why maybe) want people to feel bad for them?

So do you think I can just start popping these people in the forehead when they start wallowing? I'll claim it was a spider or something, think that'll work?